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Trading Cafe India

Scam Alert : Protect yourself from Scam

Important Notice:

Many people are using our names and scamming people. Scammers are always finding new ways to trick people out of their hard-earned money. Stay alert and protect yourself by knowing the warning signs of scams.

  1. We only provide an educational mentorship program

  2. We don't deal with or take payment in Crypto

  3. We don't manage or take the outside fund

  4. We don't sell Tredcode separately, It's come with a mentorship program

  5. Tredcode comes with lifetime membership only at no extra cost

  6. We don't provide tips or calls.

How to protect yourself:

1)  Stay away from fake Instagram pages. The real page is  @tradingcafeindia with +450k followers. To visit real page >> click here <<

fake instargam pages .png

2)  Stay away from fake telegram channels. The real channel is @tradingcafeindia with +60K subscribers. To visit real channel >> click here <<

fake instargam pages  (1).png

3)  Fake services:

  • As mentioned before, we only conduct educational services. ( Mentorship program)

  • We don't handle students fund or take outside funds

  • We teach price action methods and use Tredcode to find high-probability trade setups in live market

Please report such pages on Instagram and Telegram if you find such fake pages. It will help others. Thank you

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