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Intraday Breakout Scanner - Momentum

we have seen 3 things that help us to narrow down our focus on right stocks.


  1. Size of candle

  2. Volume

  3. S/R breakout , new high low formation  


We have added the perfect combination of RSI , ADX & Moving averages to filter out stocks

930 AM.jpg

Watch complete video on scanner working and finding right stocks in intraday : click here to watch

Price =  ₹2999/-


Get free Scanner access:

  • To get free access to this scanner, open a free trading account using our referral link :

  • After account opening, take any F&O trade of your choice and send the screenshot on our whatsapp no: 8657455982 

  • If you already have opened the account using our link previously, don't worry, just take any F&O trade of your choice and send the screenshot​​​

  • Send Text "Intraday Breakout Scanner" message to the above WhatsApp no.

  • Our team will give you access to this.

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