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TCI Algo Trading - Automate your trading career

No coding required. Now backtest , forward test and do live trading with TCI 

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Be a Pro Algo trader with TCI premium backtested Algo stragies. Strategy video: click here to watch

To get access to Premium Option Buying strategies with all setup instructions, follow below steps: 

  • Open AlgoTest account using our referral link: click here

    • Algotest referral code :  BABWQG

  • Open a free trading account using our referral link :

  • If you already have opened a Demat account using our link previously, then take a fresh trade in the F&O segment of your choice and share the screenshot

  • After a new account opening, take any F&O trade of your choice.

  • Send the screenshot of the trade and mobile no. associated with AlgoTest on our WhatsApp no: 8657455982 ​​​

  • Send a "Give me algo strategies" message to the above WhatsApp no.

  • Our team will verify and give you access to all things in 2 working days.

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